About the blogger

I grew up in the country on ten acres, and spent a lot of time in the vast space of the Western Australian outback. Needless to say, moving to the city was a huge challenge. I moved into my new home that I built with my partner mid 2016, and have never been happier to have my own patch of dirt to dig in every day.

My maternal grandmother (Oma) had a huge veggie patch out the back and tended it every day. I spent a lot of my early years with my Oma and dug around in the dirt and flowers, played with the chickens all the while chewing on tomatoes or peas from the garden. Mum tried on our patch to grow veggies and fruit for us, but the soil was very heavy clay which hindered this – but she can certainly grow a bloom and create the most peaceful space for birds and butterflies. Not to say I don’t have memories of fresh strawberries, corn, peas, asparagus from the yard. All in her spare time of course, as she cared for our sheep and later our five acre mandarin orchard along with four kids while Dad worked away.

My paternal grandfather, though I never met him, my Aunty tells me often was a brilliant gardener. He was the go to for his neighbours and community for garden advice. Though we visited the home where my Dad grew up very little, the memories of the yard make it seem fantastic. Then again, memories and imagination are the greatest combination.

So hopefully I have inherited green thumbs. That’s a thing right?

Our block is only 300 m with a three bed, two bath house on it, so there isn’t a great deal of yard to play with- nothing compares to the acre or so of garden my mum has. Therefore, a lot of planning from the moment we signed our building contracts has gone into this garden. I want a garden with plenty of elements because I’m greedy that way. I want trees, I want to grow food, flowers, natives, vines. I want to companion plant, to compost, to grow from seed. I want to make my small space really really big!

So here is a place to share and let my mind grow while my plants do the same. I have a feeling the plants will grow quicker..