Native Wisteria ‘Happy Wanderer’

Hardenbergia violacea

I absolutely love this climber. Within 24 months of planting, this gorgeous vine has given a really dense cover across my fence. And at this time of the year you’ll notice them flowering brilliantly in the bush of the South West. Known as the ‘Native Wisteria’ the plant does not cause as much trouble to your yard as the normal Japanese wisteria yet produces similar cascades of flowers.


12 months of growth

These plants come in a vibrant purple colour ‘Happy Wanderer’, a glorious white ‘Alba’ and a really soft pale pink ‘Rosea’. Along the way new varieties have come out, with paler purples to punchier pinks but all remain in this colour palette.

Being native to coastal areas of Australia, these plants really don’t require too much help. Mine is not on reticulation, so come summer time it is completely reliant on me getting out my hose… which is not all that often to be honest. It has a rich green leathery foliage so even with a neglectful owner survives the summer heat and still puts on a spectacular show come late winter/early spring.

I do try to feed just before and just after flowering, just a handful of well rotted manure around the base is plenty I find, still getting substantial new growth each year. I also mulch heavily twice a year with hay. This just protects the soil from the worst of the cool winter and harsh summer temperatures, and being a soft mulch breaks down to feed the plant. I’ve also found typically where I mulch with this type of mulch I see far less ants.

Hardenbergia 3