Creeping Gold Buttons

Cotula sp. ‘Tiffindell Gold’

It’s been such rubbish weather in Perth recently that I thought it best I start off my Plant Plugs with a cheery yellow flower. I noticed mine has just begun to flower in my front yard, and this has to be one of my favourites.

The plant is a dense ground cover of soft feathery pale green leaves. Its flowers stand proud above the leaf mass as pretty gold petal-less ‘buttons’. The flower head is really just the flowers pistil which is quite unusual yet is such a gorgeous, vibrant yellow and attracts plenty of ladybirds, butterflies and bees.

The plant doesn’t do so well in the direct, harsh summer sun we get here in Perth but will do brilliantly throughout the year in a shaded and damp spot. I would recommend this one getting an extra hand water or two throughout our really hot summer weeks as well as the two days of reticulation and would mulch heavily under it to maintain the dampness. For the rest of the year though it really doesn’t require too much attention at all.

Come late autumn or winter, mine dies back almost completely. My Ma has a large clump at her house and it doesn’t die back, so perhaps mine just needs to establish itself properly. Simply cut back the struggling pieces and compost them down. By late winter  it has established itself again and begins to flower in the sunny position it is in at my house, Ma’s is a few weeks away from flowering.

Tiffindell Gold grows easily, spreading quite quickly if you don’t keep it under control.  You can easily pull a few plants from a friends patch and replant within a day or so and it will settle in well, be sure to apply a seaweed tonic and water generously to reduce shock.

Tiffindell Gold 1