Perth Garden Fest ‘17

I feel like it is necessary for me to state the year because the whole thing was just too much fun and so I must absolutely go every year from now on. If you caught it, you know exactly what I mean. If you missed it I feel for you because this blog post is all about how much fun you could have had.

I was lucky enough to go with my Ma who is an excellent gardener and more excited by the event than I am and so came out with a million things. I came out with none.. oops spent all of the garden budget this month, will have to wait until next..

Here is a list of 12 things that made me smile all too much at the garden festival.

  1. These mini aquaponics set ups. I am desperately trying to figure out how I can budget one of these in and, possibly more importantly, fit it. I need not remind you my yard is small. I really get excited when they (the people who make the things) let those of us with small yards play with big ideas. The great thing too is that this could double as a water feature, introducing an extra element in to your yard and making a really tranquil space.
  2. Mum’s swimming man. How cute is he? He will hang over the edge of a pond. Too cute!
  3. Water lilies! One day when I am ridiculously rich I will have a huge lily pond. I realise this was set up to sell lilies but wow, how spectacular do all those colours look in one place! Incredibly calming to look at even when you were with every other gardener in Perth.
  4. The premade garden set ups. These really showed how you can use different a lot of different textures to create interest and functionality in a garden without looking tacky. In fact, I felt the more materials they used the better the garden looked and the bigger the space.
  5. Dwarf Budleia’s ! Game changer or what? Grow 1m tall so you don’t have to have a tree if you have a small garden, the birds, butterflies and bees go nuts for these! You can order them in at Bunnings too, Ma already has..
  6. This succulent planter with an Agave tree. Truly spectacular. Succulents don’t require a whole lot of love, they enjoy the sunshine and you can often get free cutting from friends.
  7. This tin rooster, because I’m not allowed a loud bugger in my yard. A creative mind has cut it out of recycled metal. Recycling in the garden is the best!
  8. The sheer volume of succulent stores with all sorts of weird plants I’d never laid eyes on before. Ma bought oodles and bounced from store to store. I’ll take cutting from hers when they get bigger… We each bought a wreath frame to make succulent wreaths, using sphagnum moss and potting mix. One day I’ll show you how.
  9. The roses. Again they one Ma, she bought a beautifully scented Venus creeping rose and is now building an arbour for it. Jealous Much?*
  10. The dahlias. It took so much will power not to buy twenty of these bad boys. The bees were having a field day. I am growing dahlias from seed so need to be patient. Dahlias make an excellent cut flower and do an awesome job attracting pollinators to the garden.
  11. The dinosaurs. Not Ma, these guys. I found myself looking down at a little boy holding his dad’s hand standing next to me, I think my grin was as big as his. They were ridiculous, but a bit of fun all the same.
  12. The fantastic display of native plants. Buying a home costs a lot, raising a family costs even more. On top of this our wildlife are having their homes removed too quickly and our water is scarce. Using beautiful native flora benefits everyone and it was awesome to see so much on display and so many people keen to talk about planting these with each other.

*Please enjoy my Cougar Town reference.

Here are other photos I took but  couldn’t fit in and want to share with you!