My roots

I really want to share with you all some more about me, and more importantly more about the person who taught me so much about gardening, and still shares more each day, supporting me along the way – my Ma.

I went to visit about a week ago and this place is absolutely thriving, humming along in this cooler weather. The way you’ll see me represent this garden might not be how you normally see one, but to me its all about the little details. Ma’s garden changes between each little zone. It’s important to create a mood, a style in different rooms of your garden, so look for ways to divide the garden up to create this. The colours and textures will help to do this, but be sure to plan finer details too.

On a grander scale, and possibly the meaning of this post, is that it is almost nothing like the garden it was when I was a little tacker. Almost every bit of this garden has changed. When I was small, it was smaller – the fences have been pushed out to make more room. The native tree’s are almost all gone along with shrubs and the garden beds have multiplied and changed shape. This is for many reasons – for fire safety, for suitability to the clay soil, for ease of maintenance and for aesthetic as taste changes. This is so important because if you really love gardening, you’ll change your mind a thousand times over. And that is absolutely okay, don’t be scared to make bold changes along the way.

Now here is some photo spam of my favourite parts.

This beautiful swap cyprus welcomes you as you come down the driveway. I love the way the fine leaves change colour from red to gold to green right from the tips.

As you pull up in the garage the the slope away from the house is rich orange coloured gravel, contrasting green leafy bulbs and colourful kangaroo paws. This dramatic black pot is home to a community of succulents with incredible flowers.

A structured rosemary hedge with pretty purple gifts. As you brush past the perfume is sensational. A few tiny terracotta pots at the end home succulents and cacti.

This little garden gives oodles of colour in the sunshine to brighten the front yard. The front is otherwise quite shaded and green. This bed has roses, poppies, basil, alyssum, sage… the list goes on forever. Self seeding flowers and planting in batches makes the garden sill over the edges, and mixing taller plants and a pot gives shape and interest. The bees in this garden alone are nuts!

This enormous Chinese elm shades the house on the south side. It’s in full flower, so I sat and watched a couple of galahs chew on it and make a mess. Below this is one of the Crepe Myrtle collection, having just finished snowing perfect white flowers it is now covered in little berries. To me the mottled bark is the part I enjoy most about these trees.

This is my friend Trinket, she has an excellent view of these hot pink petunias that smile at you along the driveway. Growing just inside a fence line is mass of green leaves with watermelon and rockmelon nestled in them. A Geisha Girl shrub has been grown in to a tree and shades the bottom of the back yard underneath a silver birch.

Old mossy boots (Mossi boots Jim says), mossy statues on a mossy stump, moss creeping out of the bottom of an old stock pot.. I love moss. It’s cool, calming, and soft. Fairy’s live in mossy gardens. This pretty standard rose brightens the view from the lounge, self seeded jacaranda trees litter the ground.