Better than a Bouquet

I possibly didn’t plan this post all that well, it might have been more attractive a month ago. Still, keep it in your memory bank for any occasion – Christmas, Valentines, birthdays. The plants I potted were gifts for Christmas, so I couldn’t post them risking the receiver finding out!

I do love flowers, but what I love more than receiving a bunch of picked flowers is receiving a plant – big or small, I can enjoy for many years and think of the giver every time I water it.

I found these excellent pots at Bunnings, they are only small and made from plastic so are light to move around. Just like the one I wrote about in my indoor plants post, these have a reservoir at the bottom to keep your soil moist, which is especially important indoors with air con running 24/7. There is no hole from the outside of the pot to the reservoir, so you won’t be breeding mozzies. AND these ones come with a gauge! How nifty is that!

Just take out the false bottom of the pot, unscrew the bottom of the gauge, thread it through the false bottom. Then fill up the reservoir, add a small amount of soil. I put a tiny bit of dynamic lifter in the bottom of the soil as my potting mix was quite dry, just the left overs from another project. Add some plants, fit with soil, add some water. If you are feeling especially kind, fertilise with some worm castings and away you go! I sat mine just outside the door to get some sunshine and establish a little before giving them away.

For brother dearest, I planted cat mint and cat grass. I made two pots so that he can swap them over and keep one out side to re-establish while the kitten attacks the other. The pots should be heavy enough that they won’t get knocked over, but light enough that they can be easily moved around. Kitten can’t splash water around inside either!

 For a Secret Santa for James family, I potted up some succulents – some I bought, some I snapped off my own. These will need less water, but the reservoir should still work out well as you’ll almost never have to look after them.

You could pick some fresh herbs to  pot up for a friend – to save them money and make their food burst with flavour. Pretty cottage flowers like  Salvia and Alyssium could be a pretty display for an outdoor table. Some Cacti would look great on a windowsil. Experiment and have fun!