Let’s take this inside…

I won’t deny I’m a crazy person. This glorious heat we are getting will not deter me!

Getting up early can be challenging especially for me. Ma messages me around half seven to say “get out of bed now, the weather is great and you can get a bit done in the cooler hours!”. I usually see this message at around nine o’clock.

So I spent the weekend in the sunshine melting – how much better than freezing to my soul! That’s not what this blog is about though..

Keep cool with indoor plants – and planting indoors! Set yourself up in the garage or laundry and start potting away. You’ll find millions of posts on pinterest about what you can put inside. Slowly I will build up my indoor stash.

Tillandsia are a great option indoors, especially for damp areas. I remember friends had them on fridge magents when I was a kid, which seems pretty fun. Maybe when I have kids I’ll do this! Our ensuite has no window, but it gets plenty of light from the sky light. We have an old mans beard (spanish moss) in there. Sometimes I hook it over the shower side of the glass to get extra steam. We have another in our loo on the southern side of our house, so it stays cool and shaded. They have pretty green flowers that bud all over when they are healthy. Other tillandsia have vibrant flowers, just make sure you are keeping them somewhere they will get indirect sunlight and some dampness, but not permanently. I have a little spray bottle with a tiny bit of thrive in it that I mist them with whenever I remember. Reallistically this is once a month if they are lucky!

A great friend invested in a lucky bamboo for me! Which tend not to be lucky from what I’ve seen and are certainly not bamboo. Ours is by our bed to help us breathe easy while we sleep and stay relaxed when we wake up.The instructions were fairly simple – water on once every 6-7 weeks. There is fancy lucky bamboo fertiliser you can pick up at Bunnings. One cap full in a bucket of water, immerse the pot, soak for 10-15 minutes and voila! it’s taken car of for another couple of months. They don’t like direct sunlight but need plenty of light. We have quite a bright house, the pot sits near the window to ensure it stays healthy and gets good air circulation.


To get in to my christmas groove I planted a poinsettia on the weekend. Invest in some quality potting mix, add a little bit of slow release fertiliser. I have it in a self watering pot. There are some you can get where the water reservior will only fill from water filtering through the soil, it doesn’t have a hole in the side. This means less chance of bugs inside your home!

We used to have a peace lily inside, this kept our living area so fresh and happy. Unfortunately the house we lived in was quite dark even when you open all the curtains up, so it really struggled. We also have a pet galah, if he ate the leaves it could be fatal so wasn’t worth the risk.

Make sure your indoor plants get plenty of light, but not too much water or you might start to grow things you hadn’t expected. Needless to say they aren’t good for your health. Give them a little feed every now and then to keep them chuffed.

On my wish list are mother-in-laws-tongues, maiden hair fern and a peachy coloured dahlia! Once we’ve got a few more shelves around home I’ll probably have more on the wish list.